Our Story

We are a group of friends, families and individuals that share a common desire. This desire arises from within our hearts, which strives to give back and help others around the world that are in need.

In 2009 we ventured to Haiti on a family mission trip. This trip opened our eyes to the deprivation and lack of available resources in this country. We returned to Haiti after the devastating earthquake in 2010, which left many individuals homeless and helpless. We decided to take a stand and make a change. Our hearts felt heavy and our passion grew for these people who could not make a change on their own. Through this passion and desire to make a difference for the less fortunate, Changing Tides Orphanage took shape.

In July 2011, Changing Tides Orphanage and Academy opened its doors to Haitian children in Jacmel. Under the administration of Pastor Diligent and his wife, Margret, we can now provide a loving environment that includes clean clothes, three nutritious meals a day, and the opportunity for an education. They could not otherwise receive. Our vision and hope is that our children will become educated to make a change in the future generations of their country. These children are growing up in a country whose government only provides education to ten percent of the population.

Changing Tides is growing and with support and prayer we will continue to leave an everlasting impact on the children and future generations to come.


Mission Statement

Changing Tides Orphanage was started to give orphaned and underprivileged children in Haiti a place to live. Our desire is to provide a safe and loving environment and for each child to know they are perfectly and wonderfully made and God has a plan for each of them. Through encouragement and education we hope to instill in them the confidence to know they have the ability and opportunity to impact their community and the lives around them in a way completely unique to them.

Through sponsorships we hope to give them a chance at higher education and help create a new generation of caring professionals to help the country of Haiti. We also give scholarships to our school and have a feeding program for under privileged children in the community, raise funds and provide volunteer labor for youth projects in the community.

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